Swiss Rename Paul Kruger Street

In an effort to placate whiny anti-racists, officials in the Swiss town of St. Gallen have removed the name of Boer leader Paul Kruger from one of their streets.

Former South African president Kruger led the Boer Resistance against the British during the Second Boer War of 1899 to 1902, and later fled to Clarens, Switzerland, as the Brits advanced on Pretoria. The South African gold coin, Krugerrand, was named after him, which evolved into the rand, the current currency of South Africa.

Now, town planners in St. Gallen say times have changed. “In the context of the time, naming a street after Paul Krueger can be understood,” the St. Gallen town council said in a statement, “but today it can no longer be justified.

Theo Buff from the town’s planning department told Reuters the name was being changed “because of racist associations”. Buff also admitted the name change was due to pressure from left-wing and anti-racist groups.

In a Sunday ceremony attended by South African diplomats, Kruger Street was officially changed to Duerrenmatt street, after Swiss author and dramatist Friedrich Duerrenmatt.

Durrenmatt who died in 1990, often compared the three Abrahamic religions to Marxism, which he also saw as a religion.

The Right Perspective (NY Radio Show)